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The history of El Granaíno

Ramón Martínez, the founder of the restaurant El Granaíno, came to Elche in the 1960s from Cúllar, a town in the province of Granada, to open his very first bar beside the Calahorra Tower. A few years later they decided to move to calle José Maria Buck, where they opened a typical Andalusian wine and tapas tavern.
Ramón, a man with many interests, started to come up with new ideas and improve the service and the menu with the help of his children Pedro, Ramón and Loli. Thanks to the initiative of this family immersed in their work, the Mesón has been transformed over the years, with successive extensions and it has become a benchmark in the regional gastronomy.

The restaurant continues to be a family business, now it is run by the third generation:Odón, Pedro’s son.The essence and the philosophy of the bar that Ramón opened in 1964 has been preservedand it is still conveyed in the food served at El Granaíno today.This is achieved by having a huge assortment of tapas (appetizers), montaditos (minisandwiches), pinchos (small slices of bread upon which an ingredient or mixture of ingredientsis placed and fastened with a toothpick), traditional dishes to be eaten with a spoon, ricedishes and fresh produce from the best fish markets of the province and national andinternational suppliers.Furthermore Odón Martínez meticulously adds touches of innovative cuisine, both in terms ofconcepts and techniques, which always highlight the philosophy of the product and thesimplicity.

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